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New “Reggae Night” music video from Morgan Heritage | Top Shelf Reggae

Morgan Heritage releases a new music video today, called “Reggae Night.” The song is from Morgan Heritage’s latest hit album Avrakedabra. “Reggae Night” features DreZion and is a magnificent cover of Jimmy Cliff’s song. The vocals were recorded in a hotel in Zimbabwe.

Morgan Heritage is made up of Peetah Morgan; Una Morgan on keyboards and vocals; Roy “Gramps” Morgan on keyboards and vocals; Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan on guitar; and Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan on vocals and percussion. Morgan Heritage blends elements of jazz and rock steady along with flavors from hip hop, gospel and R&B into stylish reggae they call “Rockaz.” Strong vocals and lustrous harmonies populate the band’s songs.

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KAABOO 2017: Day Three | Top Shelf Reggae

After two full days of music, one would expect a festival to conclude with a mellow Sunday. Day three usually is painful for most festivalgoers for obvious reasons. Well, the 3rd Annual KAABOO Del Mar wasn't ready to stop the party. Day Three started with a skanking party for ska-reggae-alternative band Fishbone, followed by the Hawaiian bad boys of reggae Pepper on the Trestles stage. Already up for mid-day dancing? Good thing T-Pain was holding down the Grandview Stage, straight out of the gate. '90's alt-rockers +Live+ was next up on the Sunset Cliffs Stage, followed by another 90's great, the majestic Miss Alanis Morissette. The continued with stunning sights and feel-good times, with pop sensation Jason Derulo closing down one end… and, well, the late, great Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers performing their fourth final show unbeknownst to all. With cheers richocheting in all directions for an encore, Tom Petty closed down the 3rd Annual with an “American Girl” salute. Legendary doesn't even start to describe the feeling of witnessing that finale. Although the KAABOO Del Mar staff has their work cut out for them to top this year's MIX-perience for the 4th Annual, one thing's for sure: you won't want to miss out in 2018… whatever that may bring. That being said, 4th Annual KAABOO early bird passes are already on sale! For more information, visit www.kaaboodelmar.com.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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Dirty Heads “Swim Team” album review | Top Shelf Reggae

Some bands stick to a certain sound and a niche market. You know, the whole ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality. If you haven’t noticed by now, the Dirty Heads boys dare to be different. And, an epitomic example of their ever-changing ways is their sixth studio album Swim Team, set to hit digital outlets off Five Seven Music this Friday, October 13th. But, wait… didn’t the Sounds of Change album already show how eclectic Dirty Heads can be? What makes this release so standout, you ask? Well, for one, Swim Team transcends musical categorization due to a diverse team of producers paired with an overriding desire to be experimental. From classical piano to bongos to synthesizers, the new album has elements of hip hop, house, reggae, rock, dubstep, pop, world, alternative – all the bases are covered. Collaborators include Jonas Jeberg [Demi Lovato, Juicy J, Jason Derulo], “Lay Me Down” cohort Rome, Blueprint [Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Eminem, Nas, Prodigy], Oren Yoel [Miley Cyrus, Kanye West], HEAVY [Andrew McMahon] and The Score. The Dirty Heads boys wanted to take their hip hop persona to a whole new level, and this motley crew did just the trick.

Swim Team transcends musical categorization due to a diverse team of producers paired with an overriding desire to be experimental.

Another reason Swim Team rings revolutionary is that it represents yet another turning point in the band’s career. The subject matter of the album revolves around one theme – fame. Not acquiring it; dealing with it. Fame is something everyone wants until you look around one day and realize it’s spiraled out of control. The boys skyrocketed to success a long time ago, making necessary life adjustments along the way… the irony is, the more larger than life they lived, the less fun it was to make music. Recording used to be exciting, used to mean something. It’s only natural after years and years of “making a living off of living” that being humble goes out the window from overexposure to industry sycophants, substances become staples in daily diets, contract deadlines become more important than going home for the holidays. People surround you at all times, yet loneliness ensues. Well, the DH boys just won’t stand for it. Co-frontman Jared Watson comments on how recording Swim Team sparked nostalgia for how it used to be, “Making [this] record, I re-fell in love with everything about being in this band: writing music, playing shows, having fun, and where we’re at. We spent every day not only working on songs, but laughing our asses off. What other people said didn’t matter. The rules of being a proper songwriter and all of that bullshit didn’t matter. If something felt good, we left it in there. It was so cool to get back to that feeling. Creating music was completely free. It was just fucking fun!” Freedom is all an artist can ask for.

The 10-track album exposes every constituent that makes up the band, inviting listeners into the Dirty Heads way of life.

And, Watson isn’t joking on the “freedom” bit – the album is a giant whirlwind of the avant-garde. Case in point, the song “Mad At It” bends the vocal track’s pitch way, way up high like a chipmunk, then drops it down to a booming bass… all over a repeating electronic banjo riff. You can’t even be mad at it, that’s impressive. What the listener walks away with is a giant gulp of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in their earholes. Pertaining to the ‘fame’ theme, the first single off the album “Vacation” spells it out to listeners loud and clear that being a Dirty Head doesn’t suck. Counter to that happy-go-lucky track is the somber song that follows immediately after, the second single off the album “Celebrate” featuring The Unlikely Candidates. In a letter to mom, the band expresses that although being on top of the world was the goal, maybe one day they can actually take a day off to go celebrate their success back home. Until then, “tears fall behind phone screens” as they express their remorse for being absent at birthdays, funerals, weddings, and everything in between. Being famous comes at a price, after all.

The 10-track album exposes every constituent that makes up the band, inviting listeners into the Dirty Heads way of life. Watson rejoices in being translucent with his fans, “Join this weird, odd, and wonderful secret society we’ve created over the past fifteen years. You’re part of it now. Welcome to the team.” The CD release party for Swim Team is set for this Thursday night in Los Angeles, and the band plans to hit the road shortly after starting October 24th on a national tour alongside The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket. Swim Team is now available on iTunes or Amazon for pre-order, and for more on every Dirty Heads, visit www.dirtyheads.com.

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Dirty Heads “Celebrate” music video (feat. The Unlikely Candidates):

Dirty Heads “Vacation” music video:

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The Green “Marching Orders” album review | Top Shelf Reggae

The Green’s new album, Marching Orders, has all the relaxed guitar riffs, lush vocals, and nostalgic lyrics you could hope for in an early fall release. With the members of The Green’s varying instrumentations and awe-inspiring harmonies, Marching Orders isn't the kind of fall album you'll have playing in the background, but the kind you’ll have blaring from your car or through your headphones. Marching Orders demands your explicit attention.

Marching Orders represents anyone with a dream that can visualize every step it will take to see that vision through

The most distinctive aspect of The Green’s sound are from vocalists Caleb, Zion, JP, Ikaika and Brad’s well defined singing styles. These vocals are as present on Marching Orders as on any of the band's previous albums and contribute to the warm atmosphere the tracks generates. Most notably, on collaboration track “Good Feeling,” JP’s voice seductively compliments the song's chorus, sung by Eric Rachmany from Rebelution. The second track titled “I Will” leads the listener even further down into the album’s musical output, and again this song manages to retain the band’s prominent style while still unearthing new avenues in order to stand on its own and have its creative prowess be front and center.

The track “Mama Roots” with guest artist J Boog and “My Rights” bring Marching Orders over the edge, featuring the same sort of island reggae style that has made the songs before them on this album so musically entertaining. It’s safe to say that if you’ve enjoyed everything up to this point, then these two songs will definitely satisfy your appetite for well produced reggae vibes. The closing track “Maui Ninja” especially succeeds at feeling like the final composition on a massively immersive album, slowly easing the listener back into reality.

The Green as a musical force cannot be overstated, and this album genuinely succeeds in showing why still to this day, they are one of the most consistently loved bands in the genre.

For Caleb, lead singer and songwriter, “Marching Orders represents anyone with a dream that can visualize every step it will take to see that vision through. No matter how long it may take, no matter how hard the road may be, we keep marching, “forward till my mission’s complete”!”

The album will be accompanied by a 30-date North American tour planned for the Winter of 2018, dates to be announced in the coming months.

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Track Listing

  1. Marching Orders
  2. I Will
  3. All I Need
  4. Good Feeling
  5. Going Up
  6. Feel so Cool
  7. Mama Roots
  8. The Garden
  9. Foolish Love
  10. Land of Love
  11. Seven Nation Army
  12. You've Been Crying
  13. My Rights
  14. Maui Ninja

The Green – “I Will” music video

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Release date October 20, 2017 • Copyright: (C) 2017 Easy Star Records

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Long Beach Dub Allstars release first new music in almost two decades | Top Shelf Reggae

The legendary Long Beach, California reggae outfit Long Beach Dub Allstars have reunited and released their first taste of new music in almost 20 years with two new tracks titled “Holding Out” and “Steady Customer”. This is the first new music from Long Beach Dub Allstars since the release of 2001's Wonders of the World. The songs are currently available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, as well as all other digital music retailers. The band is also giving away both tracks to fans that purchase any items from the group's recently relaunched webstore online at www.lbdamusic.com.

Long Beach Dub Allstars’ unique mixture of danceable reggae beats and fiery punk-rock energy had a lasting impact on the scene

Long Beach Dub Allstars was formed after Sublime disbanded following the death of singer Bradley Nowell in 1996. Long Beach Dub Allstars released two now-classic albums “Right Back” (1999) and “Wonders of the World” (2001), before they went their separate ways in 2002. Long Beach Dub Allstars’ unique mixture of danceable reggae beats and fiery punk-rock energy had a lasting impact on the scene, with both albums becoming highly influential to the groups that came after them.

Long Beach Dub Allstars reunited in 2013 with “Ras MG” Goodman on drums, Michael “Miguel” Happoldt on guitar, Opie Ortiz on vocals, Jack Maness on keys, Tim Wu on horns, Edwin Kampwirth on bass, and Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites on organ.

Long Beach Dub Allstars will be playing a string of West Coast dates throughout November with Fortunate Youth and Arise Roots.

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KAABOO 2017: Day Two | Top Shelf Reggae

Day Two KAABOO Del Mar turned out to be pure MAGIC. From start to finish, the day was filled with performances that truly brought the thunder. While One Drop was kicking off the Grandview DARENOTS were on each other's shoulders, The Tubes lead singer struggled out of a straight jacket, Garbage's Shirley Manson took the band name literally prancing around the stage wearing a golorfied trash bag… and then there was Pink's performance worthy of a Super Bowl halftime show. There were pyrotechnics, fireworks, chorerographed dancers with attitude and her gravity-defying outro, flying high above festivalgoers. It was a sight to behold, to say the least. Muse closed down the Grandview Stage to riotous applause on the other side of the fairgounds, and attendees either filed out for a good night's rest or kept the party going at the silent rave starting at Club Elevate. The art installations were coming along nicely, the KAABOO zoo animals were gallivanting gracefully, and the general aura was at an all-time high. Stay tuned for the Top Shelf Reggae Day Three gallery, and don't forget to jump on early bird 4th Annual passes now available for purchase at www.kaaboodelmar.com.

Photography by Kristy Rose & Christopher Gomez

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California Roots 2018 takes shape | Top Shelf Reggae

For the past eight years since the inaugural California Roots Music and Arts Festival, there is always an early October date that rings significant to reggae-rock-rap lovers alike. It's been a long summer since the previous Cali Roots went down over Memorial Day Weekend, and with the transition to fall comes the transition to the next Cali Roots year. We've reminisced. We've rejoiced. We've wished to relive the weekend in Monterey that held so much magic for us. And now, it's time to move on – that's right, it's 9th Annual time!

In a time when music is under siege by corporations and big business, and festivals are turning into targets for terrorism and hate, California Roots will always remain a refuge for LOVE.

California Roots festy fans have been waiting patiently for First Announcement Day: a day of joy and wonderment as everyone gets a sneak peek into what next May has in store. Well, hold onto your hats. The 9th Annual Cali Roots Festival will feature performances by Slightly Stoopid, 311, J Boog, Steel Pulse, Chronixx, Alpha Blondy, HIRIE, Mike Love, The Holdup, Sammy J, Raging Fyah, New Kingston, and The Ries Brothers… and that's just the first reveal, so stay tuned for much, much more! This is a solid lineup, all in itself, with a mixture of California reggae, island reggae, reggae-rock, roots reggae, reggae revival movement artists, and east coast reggae (maybe not an 'official' reggae genre, but east coast artists definitely have their own vibe going, so don't hate). There are even a couple of GRAMMY-nominees thrown in this short list (cough, Raging Fyah and J Boog). From industry giants all the way down to up-and-comers, every band on this rundown relates to each other in at least one compelling way – using music to preach peace, tranquility, and togetherness. Try Sammy J on for size with his dimples and soulful crooning; HIRIE with their indisputable respect for each other as they jam; New Kingston with members literally being family. In a time when music is under siege by corporations and big business, and festivals are turning into targets for terrorism and hate, California Roots will always remain a refuge for LOVE. Music heals all, and 2018 Cali Roots artists are true messengers of pascifism, harmony, unity.

As per usual, the first Cali Roots announcement brings with it the opportunity to lock down early bird tickets starting this Friday, October 6th at 10am Pacific Standard Time. Prices are at their lowest for a limited time only, so now's the time to start planning ahead for the 9th Annual – you won't want to miss this one! Two more artist announcements are due out generally around early December and mid-January, so check back for more reveals when the time comes. In the meantime, find all up-to-date California Roots 2018 information at www.californiaroots.com.

2018 First Artist Announcement Video:


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Protoje releases new single “Truths & Rights” ft. Mortimer | Top Shelf Reggae

From time to time, we all have to reevaluate and reaffirm what our motivations are. With Truths & Rights, the latest release from Protoje, and featuring Mortimer, the artists express their commitment to the activism that has always been at the core of reggae music.

“I want to make the kind of music that you can take away the riddim and the words stand alone; the words mean something,” shared Protoje. “Right now it's hard to turn a blind eye to what is happening locally and globally in terms of inequality and oppression. With Truths & Rights, this is just me reaffirming that this music will always be here to shine a light and to inspire people to push through regardless.”

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KAABOO 2017: Day One | Top Shelf Reggae

KAABOO Del Mar 2017 hit the ground running, with the full MIX-perience firing at all cylinders the minute the gates opened to the public on Day One. Looking around the grounds was almost overwhelming, with so much to take in: artists erecting enormous masterpieces, entertainers absolutely slaying each of the six stages, and hired acrobats weaving, dancing, catapulting, hula-hooping, stilt-walking and breakdancing all around attendees. It got to a point that the festivalgoers were garbed in such bizarre attire that it was difficult to decipher who was working the event or just enjoying it! Notable Day One moments were Shaquille O'Neal DJ-ing an 80's hair metal mash-up (who knew that's how he rolled??), Kelis loading a food processor (ditching her typical blending ways), Kesha frenching her onstage cohort (man toy?), Ethan Tucker performing in an air stream, David Guetta's pyrotechnic dance party… and then, of course, there was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. To revel in 3rd Annual KAABOO memories, read our weekend recap and stay tuned for Day 2 and 3 KAABOO photo galleries coming soon. Don't forget that early bird tickets for KAABOO 2018 are already on sale! Secure your tickets now at www.kaaboodelmar.com.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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The 3rd Annual KAABOO MIX-perience | Top Shelf Reggae

What to say about the third annual KAABOO Del Mar Festival… what not to say, rather? Being stationed on the coastline of sunny San Diego in mid-September is not a bad place to be in the first place, let alone reveling in celebrities and surprises, with everyone around you having the time of their lives. Whether you’re rocking jet black or wearing technicolor trends, KAABOO attracts both young and old, with the upper class melting into the middle class, the refined temperaments amongst the rowdy, and all celebrating the most prestigious music, art and cuisine together as one. A true MIX-perience, as KAABOO Del Mar likes to say. And, what a weekend the 3rd Annual was…

KAABOO makes sure your eyes are just as entertained as your ears. 

Day One started with the bluegrassy set of Ethan Tucker – a man on the verge of mastering a Lenny Kravitz-level of electric guitar shred. Yet, he yielded to a more mild side, playing acoustic to KAABOO early birds as the fairground gates opened. And, speaking of festival grounds, let’s talk layout: this year was much different when it comes to foot traffic and general ease of exploration. Each of the six stages were named the same, yet were erected in alternate places than the two years prior. This strategic placement rendered larger viewing areas and less congestion on the main walkways – something that dinged Year 2 dramatically! With the freedom to walk, dance, skip and even skate around, attendees were able to truly enjoy everything KAABOO Del Mar had to offer. It’s phenomenal how such minor changes, like stage positioning, can produce such drastic improvements.

Day One KAABOO 2017 continued with pure magic: Smash Mouth walking on the sun (not literally though), Shaq DJ-ing amid a twerking Lakers entourage, Kelis literally blending milkshakes to bring all the boys to the yard (she’s a chef now?), Arsenio Hall talking old people taking Viagra on the Humor Me stage, David Guetta blowing everyone’s mind with stunning pyrotechnics, Ke$ha praying, X Ambassadors slaying, Weezer paying tribute to Outkast, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers bringing Raider nation to the Sunset Cliffs stage (really, Kiedis, not a Charger/Ram fan yet?). David Guetta’s dance party really set the tone for the rest of the weekend – fun, fast, explosive, borderline ethereal.

David Guetta’s dance party really set the tone for the rest of the weekend – fun, fast, explosive, borderline ethereal. 

An exact description, or even summation, of all the other constituents that made up Day One would be simply impossible, for Friday was like falling down a portal to a parallel dimension. KAABOO makes sure your eyes are just as entertained as your ears. The arena’s atmosphere always maintained a playful nature, with entertainers on stilts, skates, and catapult-like contraptions. A hot air balloon took attendees high in the sky all weekend long, powered by Hendrick’s gin. There were bubble-blowers, exotic dancers, costumes galore and pop-up music sessions in between live art installations 50 feet tall. What was significant about Day One is that the art canvases started out blank upon entry and then transformed throughout the day into intricate murals you had to see to believe. And, on the subject of tantalizing transformers, if anyone caught Club Elevate Friday night (versus Nick Swardson’s late night comedy special), there were acrobats defying gravity dressed in Tron-like LED outfits. Captivating cannot even start to describe the after party.

Then, Saturday came along. Even Ice Cube said it was a good day. Bad joke, but applicable. The gates opened to reggae act One Drop on the Grandview stage while the bombastic DARENOTS boys destroyed the Sunset Cliffs stage on the other end of the grounds. With not a cloud in the sky, it started out a sweaty dance party for most who got there in the early hours. The day progressed with Machine Gun Kelly’s pink cape, Garbage hating on beach balls, The League’s Steve Rannazzisi racking up reasons for birth control, The Tubes’ lead singer in a straight jacket, and Pink came up to get the party started (she literally flew!). More Day Two performances were Toad the Wet Sprocket, Ice Cube, Logic, Jane’s Addiction, The Him, The Knocks, Eric Burdon and the Animals, LANY, among several others. The synergy between sets was scintillating alone, transcending time and space as the day wore on. Members of Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution and Iration even started to emerge in the evening – none of which were attached to the lineup! You know it’s a poppin' festival when celebs are coming out of the woodwork just to experience it.

Day Three is typically the ‘Mellow Day’, but KAABOO just wouldn't stand for it this year. At the crack of noon, Trevor Hall went on to quite a large Grandview stage crowd (considering the hour), with Fishbone skanking the afternoon away on the Sunset Cliffs stage. Bridgett Everett gave people a reason to break from the heat in the Humor Me arena, while Pepper seized the Trestles stage nearby. Out of all the times Pepper has performed at the Del Mar racetrack, this had to be the best they’ve ever been – complete with a DARENOT jumping onstage for a quick collab! T-Pain sang about a strip club, Jason Derulo’s set might as well have been sponsored by a strip club, and +Live+ stripped back time to their classic 90’s rock ballads. And, Alanis… what a goddess she is. You can see every single emotion that she embeds in her lyrics on her face as she sings. Day Three flew by quicker than the others, and before you knew it, it was Tom Petty time, bringing three full days to a close. Tom Petty’s iconic performance brought hardcore fans to tears, playing hit after hit after hit after hit. When a legend closes out a legendary weekend, it's like pure adrenaline streamlined to the jugular; what a rush, what a night.

As the racetrack populace filtered out of the fairgrounds and back to reality Sunday night, there wasn’t one unhappy person in the bunch. Until next year, KAABOO remains the enigma of all events, setting the standard for other festivals to aspire to. Although 362 days out, KAABOO 4 early bird tickets are already available for 2018! Don’t miss out and lock those passes down for 2018 now – you won’t regret it come next September! For more information, visit www.kaaboodelmar.com. For more Top Shelf Reggae KAABOO 2017 coverage, stay tuned for daily photo galleries.

Photography by Christopher Gomez

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