Kyle McDonald & friends perform Orchid Essentials relaunch | Top Shelf Reggae

Hey, California, that sweet heavenly high has returned! On Saturday, January 19th, Orchid Essentials re-launched their marijuana vape cartridge line with special guests at the Show Grow dispensary in Santa Ana, CA. After months of work, Orchid Essentials celebrated their return with special deals and an intimate show with reggae greats Don Carlos, Fully Fullwood and Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid.

Orchid Essentials re-launched their marijuana vape cartridge line with special guests…

Orchid Essentials co-founder/CEO Corey Mangold, co-founder/President Rene Suarez and VP of Sales Luke Hemphill mingled with investors and customers alike, all of whom were enjoying the smooth reggae sounds while learning about Orchid’s new handcrafted products and enjoying the sweet taste of craft ice cream sandwiches. Show Grow’s experienced staff was on hand to answer any additional questions and to help customers with their orders. Excited fans were able to chat and take photos with the artists after a great set!

Orchid Essentials, whose corporate office is located in Costa Mesa, CA, believes in the science behind their products which allows for them to provide a product that is pure and free of pesticide, with only high levels of terpenes. Orchid also works with local farmers in the states where they manufacture in an effort to support local communities.

“It feels great to finally be back in California. We thank everyone for patiently waiting for our return and we are really looking forward to introducing all of the new things we have to offer for 2019. It’s going to be an exciting year,” said Mangold. Be sure to visit Show Grow in Santa Ana, Long Beach or Las Vegas for your Orchid Essential needs. And, don’t miss out on Don Carlos or Slightly Stoopid in a city near you… they do have another upcoming tour together, after all!

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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BeachLife Fest brings legends to Redondo Beach | Top Shelf Reggae

Southern Californians are well aware how to live the beach life, especially those inhabiting a beach town. With predictable sunny skies and unfaltering chill vibes, living at the beach is as easy as it gets. And, of course, the ocean as your everyday backdrop doesn't hurt the eyes! All in all, the setting couldn't be better for a weekend of music. Redondo Beach, situated in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, is one of those quintessential SoCal beach towns that you can never get enough of and is proud to welcome the first ever BeachLife Festival this coming May 2019.

With three prestigious rock names, BeachLife is already one festival above the rest.

And, BeachLife stays true to its roots. Surf culture exploded in the 1960s in southern California… and, let's be honest, so did explicit drug use. Bands like The Beach Boys and The Grateful Dead surfaced to meet musical demands of this hazy time in history and could be heard around town to accompany the sound of crashing waves. Also rising above the rest were folky political activist artists, such as Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. It might've been a murky time historically speaking, but the surf was up and the beach blanket bingo was in full swing in southern California, to say the very least. Fast forward to Redondo Beach today, where variety is the name of the game when it comes to musical preference. The inaugural BeachLife Fest, planned for May 3rd-5th, recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between then and now, proffering a lineup of epic generational proportions. As for the aforementioned bands of yesteryear, surviving members Bob Weir (of The Grateful Dead) and Brian Wilson (of The Beach Boys) will be gracing the stage as headliners Friday and Saturday night. The third musical great to bring the 1st Annual BeachFest to a close will be none other than Willie Nelson… the OG musical marijuana lobbyist, himself. With three prestigious rock names, BeachLife is already one festival above the rest.

Joining headliners are over 40 more bands! Some are yet to be announced for Friday and Satuday, so watch out for additions to the follow list. Besides Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, Friday further welcomes As The Crow Flies, Steel Pulse, Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, Donavon Frankenreiter, Roots of Creation, Timmy Curran, The Cordovas, Clayton Joseph Scott and The Higgs. Saturday, albeit two names, includes Violent Femmes, Chevy Metal, Everclear, Best Coast, Sugar Ray, Berlin, His Eyes Have Fangs, V Torres, Barley and Latchkey Kid on top of Brian Wilson with fellow Beach Boys, Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin. Sunday's rundown is complete (for those that are looking to attend day-by-day) and includes reggae legend Ziggy Marley, folk legend Grace Potter, as well as of Blues Traveler, Colin Hay (of Men At Work), Keller Williams' Grateful Gospel, Matt Costa, Poncho Sanchez, Venice, Chris Pierce, The Hollow Legs and Charley Overbey. You know, besides Willie Nelson.

Don't forget about the exlcusive Captain's Party on Thursday, featuring punk heavyweights X! Speaking of the pre-party, tickets are now available for weekend passes ranging from general admission all the way to Captain's Passes ($2k each, but totally worth it dude). VIP options include premium viewing decks, preferred pricing on lockers, restaurant reservations and more, depending on whether you spring for VIP or that super, snazzy Captain's Pass. For more details or to get your tickets now, visit www.beachlifefestival.com.

BeachLife Festival full festival announcement video:

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FOUREVER1 drops “On My Way” single with EP on the way | Top Shelf Reggae

What's better than one iconic reggae-pop superstar? Four sisters slaying the genre together. FOUREVER1, comprised of 23-year-old identical quadruplets, have taken the music business by storm after pairing with manager and producer Randy Jackson to release their introductory single “All About Tonight” back in 2016. The sister supergroup has since amiably parted ways with Jackson, leading them to find Brand You Management who connected them to producer Clayton Williams to drop their highly-anticipated follow up single, “On My Way”.

FOUREVER1, comprised of 23-year-old identical quadruplets, have taken the music business by storm…

Born in Miami, raised in the Bahamas and now stationed in the largest industry mecca of the world, Los Angeles, the sisters have thus been exposed to a wide array of musical influences. Incorporating dancehall, reggaeton, world and pop, FOUREVER1 likes to keep their lyrics lighthearted and their beats bubbly. “On My Way” exhibits all the best qualities in pop music: love, late nights and lust all coming together in a “less work, more play” mentality. Co-written by the sisters as well as Stephen Suckarie of New Kingston and Cheyenne “Pops” Harrell of Jake & Papa, the single has reggae qualities embedded throughout. The track's harmonics also display the sisters' wide vocal range! 

But, the fun doesn't stop there! “On My Way” is just a taste of the band's forthcoming self-titled EP, due out this year. For more information on FOUREVER1 or to find the single online today, visit the links below or www.fourever1.com.

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7 Irrefutable reasons to attend KAABOO Cayman | Top Shelf Reggae

The fastest growing festival in southern California is soon to be the fastest growing chain throughout the world. That's right, KAABOO Del Mar is branching out of its SoCal bubble following four successful years at the Del Mar Racetrack in sunny San Diego. Before the 5th Annual hits in mid-September, festival owners have proudly announced two new additions for 2019, instantly making the KAABOO name one monopoly you do not want to miss out on. With new locations in Grand Cayman and Arlington, Texas, KAABOO will undoubtedly take 2019 by the reigns and hail supreme as the leading music and arts festival in the business. First up on the list, KAABOO Cayman.

Go ahead and be the envy of all your friends.

Taking place along the iconic Seven Mile Beach on February 15th and 16th, KAABOO Cayman welcomes music-lovers old and young for two full days of fun in the sun. For KAABOO fans, you've surely heard this news by now. But, why splurge on travel… especially if you live all the way on the Pacific coast? Despite being in Caribbean (do you need to hear more??), here are seven undisputable reasons to take the plunge and book the trip.

1. Escape winter early

Like we said above, you're headed to an island in the Caribbean. Everywhere else is deep in 'six more weeks of winter' mode, whether the Groundhog sees his shadow or not. For those stuck up north, snow was fantastic for the first few weeks… so pretty and magical. However, you can hardly remember what the sun feels like and everyone's grouchy attitude over the past month has driven you up a wall. Speaking of losing it, the holidays have just passed leaving you most likely bitter at your family and hoping for better days. With one more holiday on the calendar (cough, Valentine's Day), you're almost in the clear. Why not celebrate with your loved one in the most epic of all Valentine's Day fashions: attending a world-class music festival getting a tan on an island with champagne and a yacht (if you can afford one) or something else romantic, like extreme dolphin snorkeling. If that's a thing. Go ahead and be the envy of all your friends.

2. The airfare is cheaper than you think

Okay, obviously it isn't recommended to take a hot air balloon to the island, but we digress. The holidays probably has you thinking about how broke you are and how you should save more money this year, right? Well, be honest: on that list of New Year's resolutions, you also wrote down how you want to see the world more next to 'save money'. Everybody loves to travel! The truth is, Grand Cayman island is one of the bigger islands in the Caribbean, allowing it to be a cheaper destination than others. Some islands rack up a whopping $1,700 round-trip; Grand Cayman, you're probably looking at a cool $300-600 if you book now. In fact, six major airlines offer direct flights to Grand Cayman from 16 U.S. cities! Make it down to Miami and your flight is only an hour long and roughly $100. You decide the most cost-effective route to get there and we guarantee the memories of the fest will outweigh the out-of-pocket deficit, 100%.

3. You will be part of first annual fun

Reason #2 brought up a valid point – the memories will be priceless. That said, nobody knows how KAABOO Cayman is really going to go down yet, since it's the first one! If you've never had the opportunity to be a part of a fest's first annual, let us tell you that there will always be some unexpected, super sublime perks. Sometimes, it's more intimate than you expected and all of a sudden, you're hanging out with your favorite artists, since they're just walking around like everyday people! Or, perhaps it is sold out, but the location offers some attractions that nobody has seen yet. Or, perhaps you're the person that starts an annual tradition from here on out! Have you seen the two hot dog girls that run around KAABOO Del Mar? They've been doing that in Del Mar since Year One and KAABOO Cayman is giving you that opening slot.

4. KAABOO Cayman embraces reggae

Unlike KAABOO Del Mar, KAABOO Cayman is actually ON THE BEACH. Kudos to the KAABOO Del Mar team for bringing the beach to the people every year with truckloads of sand at all the stages though! This time around, KAABOO not only has a drop-dead gorgeous setting, but also an amplified reggae lineup to go with it. Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Sean Paul and HIRIE… KAABOO always incorporates some reggae artists on the bill, but this rundown is quite a treat. Plus, chefs are sure to include some Caribbean flair for foodies! 

5. Bucket list entertainment at a bucket list location

We cannot stress enough that you simply cannot beat KAABOO Cayman's location. Now, double down with top artists across multiple decades and genres like Duran Duran, Zedd, Salt-n-Pepa, Blondie, The Chainsmokers, Counting Crows, Jason Derulo and Flo Rida. Did we mention the comedy lineup? Let's triple down with comedians Norm MacDonald, Kevin Nealon, Darrell Hammond, Wanda Sykes, Natasha Leggero and more. All with a kick-off Amplify VIP Valentine's Day performance by the band who stole everyone's hearts at KAABOO Del Mar 4, Stealing Oceans.

6. Who doesn't want to pop bottles with Flo Rida on a boat?

Okay, so maybe this might not happen. But, you can rent a boat and watch Flo Rida perform from the water. You can also pop your own bottles, watch Flo Rida pop bottles during his set and play Flo Rida on a boat while you think about popping bottles elsewhere. Or, just go for gold and befriend Flo Rida. Choose your own adventure.

7. You still have time

The final and most important reason of all – you still have time to book it! With roughly a month and counting, KAABOO Cayman passes are still available, as well as flights in and out of the island. That said, hotels and AirBnb's are filling up fast, so make sure to look into the trip as soon as you can! Lest we forget about KAABOO Texas in May, so be prepared to get two itineraries going soon. For more information, vist the links below or www.kaaboocayman.com.

KAABOO Cayman official announcement video:

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Photography by Kristy Rose & Chris Gomez

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Cali Roots X final artists announced | Top Shelf Reggae

The day is here. Not only has the last leg of the upcoming California Roots lineup been unveiled as of this morning, but this particular announcement ends a guessing game a decade in the making – who is to play Cali Roots 10?! Cali Roots X celebrates a wide array of artists in the reggae rock, hip hop and alternative folk industries in the most epic fashion: most of which are familiar names, some new. The fest returns as per always to the world-renowned Monterey Fairgrounds this Memorial Day Weekend, so no surprises there. Bring your kids, brings your friends and bring your camping gear, for this is one celebration you don't want to miss.

…some names were blatantly (and almost inexcusably) absent. Until now.

The first artist announcement shaped the scene when it went live in October, paving the way for two more artist reveals to follow. Big names like UB40 and Ben Harper caught everyone's attention, on top of veteran Cali Roots headliners Dirty Heads, Rebelution and Nahko and Medicine for the People. Not to mention Stick Figure bumping up to a closing spot! Way to go, gents! Between those acts and the remaining names on announcements one through three, it was overly apparent that Cali Roots has stepped up their game for the 10th Annual. 

That said, some names were blatantly (and almost inexcusably) absent. Until now. Die-hard Cali Roots fans know that the festival would be incomplete without a SOJA appearance. Reb was on the lineup; where was the other band that started it all back in 2010? Not to worry: SOJA and quintessential Cali Roots warriors Slightly Stoopid are both present and accounted for on announcement four! Other artists who have previously rocked Cali Roots stages set to return are Tash Sultana, Atmosphere, Steel Pulse, Jesse Royal, The Movement, Ballyhoo!, Ocean Alley and For Peace Band. And, without further ado, the grand reveal for the final CRX lineup to round out the entire rundown… Citizen Cope. Newcomer and pop-folk legend Citizen Cope adds an unexpected air of acoustic alternative to the mix. Could Cali Roots be pivoting to a more alt scene over the next 10 years? Only time will tell.

Until then, tickets for the 10th Annual open up to the public as of January 11th at 10am PST. General admission and VIP will be available, as well as single day. Don't forget a camping pass for the full Cali Roots experience. For more information or to snag your tickets tomorrow, visit www.californiarootsfestival.com.

Cali Roots X final artist announcement video:

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Burritos at Tiki Bar Costa Mesa | Top Shelf Reggae

On December 22nd, Burritos the Band headlined a show at The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. The show opend up with Los Nauticals, who got the crowed warmed up and ready for the night. Next came Tunnel Vision;  it’s always awesome to get to see these guys play. The night closed out with Burritos the Band blowing the doors of the Tiki Bar. So much dancing and singing was had to our fave Sublime songs. Proceeds from Burritos the Band go to support The Nowell Family Foundation, so make sure to check out this sweet cover band the next time they're near you! 

So much dancing and singing was had to our fave Sublime songs.

“Inspired by late Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell, the Nowell Family Foundation provides addiction recovery services to the music community through the combined strength of the music industry and those who have been touched by the power of music. The Nowell Family Foundation is raising funds to open Bradley’s House: a six-bed recovery facility that will provide treatment for people in the music industry with opiate addiction, regardless of their financial situation. The goal is to offer a top-level of clinical care, including medical detox and the ability to treat the most acute cases through nationwide partnerships.” – The Nowell Family Foundation

For more information or to donate, visit www.thenowellfamilyfoundation.org.

Photography by Sean McCracken

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Stick Figure NYE show at House of Blues Orlando | Top Shelf Reggae

After many years asleep, metaphorically as well as physically, I actually was awake this year when the clock struck midnight on January 1st 2019 at the utmost of amazing venue, The House Of Blues Orlando. The weather was something out of a dream, with an incredible sunset as friends near and far gathered into the building. We smoked that place out so loud it didn’t stand a chance. As soon as we got to the HOB, I began to recognize and spot friends from California, New York, Boston, South Carolina and Tennessee… just to name a few. It was absolutely ridiculous in the best of ways. I have never been welcomed by so many ‘strangers’ quite like that. It could have also been attributed to the edibles; I will never know. 

Stick Figure was the main attraction and from the jump, they had us glued to the intensely lit stage…

The Ries Brothers threw a show together that set the bar exceedingly high for the night. These young men are not to be slept on or overlooked. They have prodigal talent and a soft, kindness about themselves. As for NYE, Kevin Ries got shirtless, Charlie sang his pretty little heart away and they had Jsmiles and Gary Dread up to jam, as well. Who could ask for more?! The talent between the two brothers is more than some ten-piece bands. It is, in fact, mind-blowing to watch. Check them out city near you!

The night was spent walking around, wearing a NYE hat and feeling festive. I got to meet some of my music family in person, eat edibles, feed edibles, take awesome pictures with my camera and all this is before the two main performers. The Movement hit the stage through laser beam lighting. It was a touch of magic and a blast of butterflies. Keep in mind this is my favorite band. It’s the old and the new stuff that makes this group so incredible to me. I have to mention, one thing that always makes me feel welcome and non-intrusive while shooting: it is the smile Mr. Gary “Dread” Jackson gives me. His girlfriend and himself, every single show, never fail. Check out his solo work and numerous collaborations. Gary definitely stands for glue, so keep holding us all brother, please! Also, I must mention Mr. Matt “Kofi” Goodwin, who adds a much-needed live horn section to this set, as well as some killer keys across the board every go round.

At a Stick show, it's always a significant moment when Cocoa the Tour Dog strolls out onstage, this time into a sea of grey and white light. She was simply a silhouette against the seriously intense lights and copious amounts of herb smoke filling the airways. Mama didn’t raise no fool, so I came bearing gifts of healthy teeth cleaning churro snacks and a stuffed rope monkey. Queen Cocoa was pleased.

Stick Figure was the main attraction and from the jump, they had us glued to the intensely lit stage and its light show. As laser beams shredded across the long stage, one couldn’t help but be teleported to a time far ahead of where we are now. It was such a futuristic set with an intense feeling of home. Each band member, decked out in black tuxes with white ties, was definitely nice on the eyes. In a way, that small gesture made the experience that much more memorable, as if you could ever forget it. I saw the show through the eyes of a person in 2018. No flying cars like we thought and no robots. The simplicity of knowing I was in a large room full of people I love humbled me. Happy New Year to all from Top Shelf Reggae!

Photography by Jay Cohen

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Eric Rachmany & HIRIE acoustic at Belly Up Tavern | Top Shelf Reggae

The excitement was high as reggae lovers poured by the masses into the close-knit atmosphere of Solana Beach's Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, California the night of December 21st. The holidays were upon everyone and what better way to celebrate than with two of the topmost names in the reggae-rock industry, pulling it back acoustic style.

The Queen of Reggae, Miss HIRIE herself, stripped it down in an intimate acoustic set with her on guitar and Chris Hampton playing sax, opening with “Boom Fire” followed by “20 After 4”. In keeping with the stripped-down feeling, HIRIE shared that this was her first time playing in San Diego without her signature 6-inch heels. HIRIE informed the crowd that they are mixing a new album and played “She Goes” as a teaser. She also shared with the fans that she wanted to write a song to glorify all the things we go through in life and turn it into a party anthem, because “It’s the story of our lives”. She then launched into the song “I Messed Up”, with fans screaming “we love you”!!

A true highlight of the evening was to see HIRIE and Eric perform the song “Sun and Shine” together.

As someone who has battled similar issues, I appreciate the truth and conviction when HIRIE shared that at age 16, she was on a cocktail of medications to deal with anxiety and depression, feeling suicidal. She wished she had one friend telling her this is normal life stuff. But, with Cocoa her dog (who just passed away), she made it through. She continued her set with the song “You Won’t Be Alone.”

“Society does not protect us or nurture us,” HIRIE remarked. “Off the stage, we are no longer artists – we are your friends. Never feel alone.” With a surprise mashup during the song “Lost And Found”, she incorporated the TLC song “No Scrubs” and the Mary J. Blige song “Family Affair”. The crowd was amped and singing along. She rounded out her set with “Sensi Boy” and “Mele Kalikimaka”, before taking the time to visit with her fans.

Playing to a sold-out crowd, Eric Rachmany took to the stage with Kyle Ahem to play an amazing catalog of songs, opening with “Fade Away” and “City Life”. After playing “Outta Control”, Eric shared with screaming fans that they we going to play songs that Rebelution doesn’t normally play and launched into “Honey Pot”. Fans could be heard saying, “Man, it feels like we are back in Santa Barbara!”

Playing an approximate 19-song set, including “Notice Me”, “Counterfeit Lover” and “Good Vibes”, Eric kept the crowd going when the Rebelution horn section of Eric Hirschhorn and Zach Meyerowitz took to the stage to play “Lay My Claim”. Two amazing covers were played, Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” and Aaliyah’s song “Are You That Somebody”. Eric also played the song “Rainy Day In Autumn” from his side project, Unified Highway. A true highlight of the evening was to see HIRIE and Eric perform the song “Sun and Shine” together.

If you were unable to catch the dynamic duo of HIRIE and Eric together this winter, be sure to catch them on their upcoming 2019 tours!

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Firefly Fest turns up the heat for summer 2019 | Top Shelf Reggae

Summer is for camping, fact. Being outside under the stars in the great wide open… what could be better than that? How about adding in close friends, music-loving strangers and the best entertainers in the business? Enter east coast's Firefly Music Festival: a three-day music and arts centric campout extravaganza, featuring the top names in reggae, alternative, hip hop, pop and EDM. The east coast gets a bit muggy in the summertime, but luckily, Firefly Fest lands right at the brink. Spanning June 21st through the 23rd 2019, Firefly returns to Dover's International Speedway in Delaware – the perfect setting to kick off the season.

The lineup for Firefly 2019 has dropped… and so has everyone's jaws. 

Dubbed “The Great Atlantic Campout”, Firefly offers a myriad of hospitality options, ranging from your basic camping (you, know, tents and stuff) all the way to glamping and RV packages. Not up for the Great Outdoors? That's fine, too, considering the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino resides a stone's throw away from the fest. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the hotel is conveniently adjacent to the festival gates. Don't have the money for a hotel or a tent? Firefly has your back; simply add on camping equipment rentals when you purchase your weekend passes. Speaking of passes and add-ons, a shuttle service or suites are available to book now, as well as general admission, VIP, Super VIP and Super Duper VIP tickets… but let's get to those later.

First, let's chat about why this year will be bigger and better than ever. The lineup for Firefly 2019 has dropped… and so has everyone's jaws. Not only that, but the Firefly crew has released the daily agenda! Headlining Friday is alt pop heavy-hitters Panic! at the Disco, along with rap's Tyler, The Creator and EDM chart topper Zedd. Also appearing on is Louis The Child, Awolnation, Courtney Barnett, X Ambassadors, Bob Moses, TLC, SOJA, Gunna, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Sir Sly, Dennis Lloyd, Chelsea Cutler, The Knocks, Ekali, Gus Dapperton, Lil Mosey, Cuco, Sales, CAAMP, The Record Company, Arkells, Bea Miller, Grizfolk, Halfnoise, Ripe, Sweater Beats, Crooked Colours, Yung Bae, Party Pupils, The Main Squeeze, Shaed, The Nude Party, Evan Gha, Mo Lowda & The Humble, Beau Young Prince, Bumpin Uglies and Dragondeer. Wowzha.

Saturday keeps the party at an all-time high with headlner Travis Scott, as well as Kygo and Death Cab For Cutie. If that's not diverse enough, Brockhampton, Young The Giant and Alison Wonderland has a knack for hyping up crowds. Further Saturday entertainers include $uicideboys, Dashboard Confessional, King Princess, Bishop Briggs, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Phosphorescent, Lauren Daigle, Tank and the Bangas, 4B, Hippo Campus, Snail Mail, Saba, Flora Cash, Taylor Bennett, Joywave, Masonair, Max, Alec Benjamin, JPEGMAFIA, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Emo Nite, Little Simz, Let's Eat Grandma, The Midnight, Bloodpop®, Great Good Fine OK, Rubblebucket, Max Frost, Half Alive, Lawrence, Lolo Zouai, Ziggy Alberts, Flipp Dinero, FM-84, PLS&TY, Kid Quill, Rakeem Miles and Yoke Lore.

Like all good things in life, Firefly 2019 has to eventually come to an end. Fortunately, Day Three is stacked so full of fun that you won't even mind the weekend expiration. Starting with Thumpasaurus and The Orphan The Poet, Sunday exhibits Naked Giants, Lostboycrow, Castlecomer, CVBZ, The Teskey Brothers, King Henry, Tyla Yaweh, Magic Giant, Boogie, VHS Collection, Sodown, Knower, Protoje, Nombe, Medasin, Jukebox The Ghost, Yungblud, 070 Shake, Two Feet, Nora En Pure, Lovelytheband, Hop Along, Jessie Reyez, Car Seat Headrest, 3LAU, Quinn XCII, AJR, Gucci Mane, Lykke Li, Walk The Moon, Griz, DJ Snake, Vampire Weekend and to close it all down, the most sought-after headliner in the biz, Post Malone. After that hefty list, a victory dance is warranted. Please take a moment to do that now.

Day Three is stacked so full of fun that you won't even mind the weekend expiration. 

You know what's happening in Delaware early next summer, so it's time to look into festy accommmodations. General admission and VIP packages are available (although single day has yet to go live). Super VIP includes all the regular VIP perks, as well as exclusive dining options, access to artist lounges, a Super VIP shwag bag, a private open bar, daily complimentary snacks, two meal tickets per day, golf cart transport and more. Want the time of your life on steroids? Opt for the Super Duper VIP, which doubles the Super VIP pack for two and adds a hotel at the Dover Downs for three nights, ups the golf cart to a private transport service, gives you a 24-hour concierge hotline, priority pretty much anything and more for $7,200. Can't ball that hard? Understandable. GA starts as low as $299 for the time being. For more information or to get your tickets now, visit www.fireflyfestival.com.

Proudly presenting the lineup for #Firefly2019 video:

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Spliff Vision: New Year, new vision | Top Shelf Reggae

San Pedro's Spliff Vision is ready to ring in the New Year with new music! Recently released singles include “Feeling Of Love” and “Feeling Of Dub”, the dub version of the aforementioned. Although not the first recorded works from the band, both of these tracks were recorded at California Sound Studios in Lake Forest, CA and produced by Gary (Big G.) Larason. The vision for the band was sparked at a young age when three brothers – Raymond, Jimmy and Andrew – received an electric guitar and bass as Christmas gifts one year. The boys ultimately put together a drum set assembled from various kits and quickly became self-taught musicians. Their love for music grew stronger day by day.

Spliff Vision is ready to ring in the New Year with new music!

As their taste in music matured, the brothers drew inspiration from all types of genres: soul, oldies, hip hop, punk and metal. Through their musical transformation, the brothers' bond grew stronger than ever with roots reggae music. In 2007, the brothers named the band ‘Spliff Vision’ and it wasn’t until 2008 that Andrew decided to let his voice be heard by adding vocals. A few years later, life situations forced a temporary hiatus and the brothers did not play for a while. Andrew survived a gunshot wound in 2011 and the band lost their cousin Russell to cancer in 2012. After experiencing such a great loss, they realized how valuable life is and wanted to make every second count. Playing music was a great outlet for the band to cope with the loss of their cousin and all three continued to take their musical interest to the next level.

Over the years, the band has expanded by adding Derek Martinez, Josshep Peralta and Shane Buono. Spliff Vision draws inspiration from musical influences such as Aswad, The Eternals, Freddie McGregor, Bob Marley, Don Carlos and Steel Pulse (just to name a few). Recent venues played include Garden Grove Amphitheatre, Gas Lamp, Standing Room and Saint Rocke. They have shared the stage with reggae legends Steel Pulse, Barrington Levy, Michael Rose, Don Carlos, Third World, Yellowman and Paton Baton. The band recently collaborated with Glenn Trumpet of Jah Connection Horns, Ryan Kordich of Eureka Sound and Ganda. You can look forward to future collaborations with Dread Kennedy, Levi Dozier and Eureka Sound and you can find Spliff Vision on all the major digital outlets and streaming sites! With so much underway, Spliff Vision's aspirations are anything but hazy for 2019. For more information, visit the band links below.

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