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The unique sounds of Fortunate Youth have relatively remained unchanged throughout the years. The intense roots reggae inspired tones and eccentric vocal characteristics from lead singer Dan Kelly has lead the band to produce hit after sweet hit, so why alter the magical formula?

Dan Kelly proves that he still has the songwriting chops and vocal delivery that rightfully put Fortunate Youth to the top charts years

The southern California based tour heavy group has again crafted an exquisitely moving album just released early May 2015 that is extremely saturated with elaborate lyrics, dexterous instrumentals and clear-as-day storylines that evoke the kind of emotion few are capable of. The album titled Don’t Think Twice brilliantly showcases the evolution of reggae from its humble beginnings to its now growing universal appeal. The album is not just a salute to reggae’s roots but an actual testament to its grand appeal and wide-ranging influence.

From the album’s smooth opener “For You” which gracefully and gently warms up the auditory palette to the album’s soulful finale “Wasting Away,” lead singer Dan Kelly proves that he still has the songwriting chops and vocal delivery that rightfully put Fortunate Youth to top charts years ago with their extended play album titled Up-Lifted EP, as well as the full studio album It’s All A Jam and now most currently Don’t Think Twice.

Fortunate Youth has honed in on their unique and energized style of playing over the years and this album is just another step in the right direction on what is sure to be a long and successful career for these much loved and talented musicians.

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Don't Think Twice track listing

  1. For You
  2. My Love
  3. F Y
  4. Don't Think Twice   
  5. Vibes   
  6. Find Your Peace
  7. Midnight Lover  
  8. Fiya    
  9. Pass the Herb (Featuring the Green & Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher)   
  10. All Night (Featuring the Expanders)
  11. Long One    
  12. Wasting Away   

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