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Hawaii is known for having that laidback island style, perfect for surfing enthusiasts and of course, reggae lovers around the world. Some of Hawaii's hottest reggae artists range in style of roots to dancehall to a hybrid of island/Cali reggae fusion, and some transcend genre altogether. One of the top bands to watch is Inna Vision, founded in 2005 and growing in popularity ever since. Over the years, the band has released four full-length albums, four EPs, and a hefty amount of singles to boast an impressive reggae resumé. Now, with the release of Inna Vision's fifth LP Lifted, the band has a new single dominating the reggae charts, a rad new video alongside it, and a summer kickoff tour in the works hitting the mainland in May. 

The first single off the album is “Bad” – a tribute to the reggae movement. With a booming bass, a catchy chorus, and a melody to move to, the song gets the listener pumped up and pushed into a party frame of mind. It also stands as a shoutout to producer E.N Young, keyboardist for Tribal Seeds and founder of Roots Musician Records, with the lyrics calling out his Imperial Sound Recording Studio where the album was recorded. Harmony is defined by people working together, and there's no greater example than in musical collaboration.

Harmony is defined by people working together, and there's no greater example than in musical collaboration.

If you think the single is “bad to the bone”, then you're in for a real treat with the song's corresponding music video. It fades in on the band shopping at what seems like Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Costco (that red-lettered food menu behind lead singer Koa Lopes looks all too familiar…) which confuses the viewer, wondering where this storyline may be headed. A jumpcut later, you see a campground getting set up and it all becomes clear: this is a video about life on the road from a band's point of view. Gearing up at stores to hit the road and showing the vibe of campground arrival is overly fitting for this time of year, since it's officially festival season after all! Surrounded by street art and traveling along bridges and highways, the viewer infers that Inna Vision is a part of America's infrastructure, and thus, their music is the foundation of modern reggae; they're not part of the movement, they are the movement. The video encapsulates the ever-changing scenery through the eyes of every touring musician – what it's like to live your life 'on the road'. It also includes metaphors to such lifestyle, filmed with constant rack focuses that elude to having to find your 'inner vision' when everything around you is blurred from consistent shift. View the world objectively, says IV, because the minor details don't matter in the long run. Like the beginning, the video concludes with an outtake of the Lopes talking and laughing, which ultimately shows the viewer that Inna Vision is all about having fun at the end of the day.

With the video release and the album now available on all digital outlets, Inna Vision is ready to bring the island vibe to the mainland with a west coast Lifted Tour. Joining the 13-show excursion starting at Hermosa Beach's St. Rocke on May 11th is The Steppas and Eli-Mac. The tour is short and sweet, ending on May 27th at one of the official California Roots' after parties at Planet Gemini in Monterey, California, so west coast fans of IV, grab your concert tickets now!

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