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Dr. Jimmy Cliff is renowned to be reggae's first global superstar, garnering himself a GRAMMY, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and numerous other merits along the way. Now at the age of 69, Cliff continues his commendable career by celebrating the present in his new “Life” single and music video. The track hit digital outlets back in March: a taste of his upcoming full-length album Somerton set for release later this year. Before the next single in the sequence drops, Cliff graces his fans with a visual joie de vivre in his new “Life” video, directed by Mike Abela and distributed by Zojak World Wide.

Dancing in the street, children smiling, enjoying one another’s company – that’s what’s important. 

The video commemorates the finer things in life, things that we should all be paying attention to. In the end, experiences are all that we have on this earth. Even if you happen to be cooped up in an office day after day after day, make the most of it by bonding with your coworkers… or even ditching for the day to head to the beach! Dancing in the street, children smiling, enjoying one another’s company – that’s what’s important. Music is a glue that bonds us all together, but only if we allow it to do so. We have to believe in its universal language to make unity a reality. “Music is like oxygen, water and the various elements of the earth – it is for everyone,” Cliff explains. “And, depending upon the area you were born, and your environment, music takes shape and forms anew. For example, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino received their interpretation of Rock N' Roll in the church, while the Rolling Stones learned their interpretation elsewhere. Both are brilliant forms of the music and the interpretation, yet both are developed from their environments they grew.” The Jamaican district of Somerton is where Jimmy Cliff was born and raised, so one can only infer that his upcoming album is a direct reflection of his unique and inherent musical interpretation.

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