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Hey, California, that sweet heavenly high has returned! On Saturday, January 19th, Orchid Essentials re-launched their marijuana vape cartridge line with special guests at the Show Grow dispensary in Santa Ana, CA. After months of work, Orchid Essentials celebrated their return with special deals and an intimate show with reggae greats Don Carlos, Fully Fullwood and Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid.

Orchid Essentials re-launched their marijuana vape cartridge line with special guests…

Orchid Essentials co-founder/CEO Corey Mangold, co-founder/President Rene Suarez and VP of Sales Luke Hemphill mingled with investors and customers alike, all of whom were enjoying the smooth reggae sounds while learning about Orchid’s new handcrafted products and enjoying the sweet taste of craft ice cream sandwiches. Show Grow’s experienced staff was on hand to answer any additional questions and to help customers with their orders. Excited fans were able to chat and take photos with the artists after a great set!

Orchid Essentials, whose corporate office is located in Costa Mesa, CA, believes in the science behind their products which allows for them to provide a product that is pure and free of pesticide, with only high levels of terpenes. Orchid also works with local farmers in the states where they manufacture in an effort to support local communities.

“It feels great to finally be back in California. We thank everyone for patiently waiting for our return and we are really looking forward to introducing all of the new things we have to offer for 2019. It’s going to be an exciting year,” said Mangold. Be sure to visit Show Grow in Santa Ana, Long Beach or Las Vegas for your Orchid Essential needs. And, don’t miss out on Don Carlos or Slightly Stoopid in a city near you… they do have another upcoming tour together, after all!

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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