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Bachaco from Miami, Florida ventured all the way to San Diego, California to bring their Latin reggae flair to 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach. On Point Promotions was there to bring yet another great show, though this particular one included a modern, global sound.

The way the band incorporated hot-steppa music, the skank, and the buildup was great

A band called Bulevar Descarga started the night with some very loud, very nice Latin music. Their energy and sound were just right to welcome Bachaco to Southern California, particularly San Diego, where the U.S.-Mexico border is a simple drive away.

Bachaco. Wow! This reviewer definitely heard what could be deemed the Miami Latin Scene. Though there was a definite Latin flair, there was also some good rock music and reggae riffs. The way the band incorporated hot-steppa music, the skank, and the buildup was great. Their switches were great, their energy was great, and mostly, their music is great! Thank you On Point Promotions for bringing Bachaco’s first San Diego show to Pacific Beach as the band most likely brought a piece of Miami.

For more information, visit their website: http://bachacomusic.com/

“Keep Your Head Up” Bachaco

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