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The UK's immigration policies are not too far from those of the United States, having a rigid stance on modern mass migration. As the immigration debate continues to spin its wheels, refugees get caught in the crossfire of a pissing contest between first-world nations, when really it boils down to 'are we going to help our fellow brothers and sisters or not?'. Just because some people are blessed to be born in a country that values its citizens, does that make them impervious to the ones born unlucky? UK reggae group New Town Kings answers this moral conundrum with their views on humanitarianism in their new single and political video, “Borderline”. 

…”locking people out in the name of her Majesty” just isn't going to fly with this take-action band. 

As the refugee crisis gains steam, nations on the receiving end are responding by putting up fences and turning up noses. New Town Kings doubles down on this injustice with emotionally-charged imagery of poverty-stricken people walking along borders in droves, families holding the hands of small children as they pass armed soldiers and drone shots of real refugee camps. Apparently, “locking people out in the name of her Majesty” just isn't going to fly with this take-action band. 

The track is offiically out today on all digital outlets, with its subsequent video premiering on Clash. The single is in anticipation of New Town King's forthcoming album Reaching Out that will drop sometime within the coming year accompanying a full UK tour. For more information, visit www.newtownkings.co.uk.

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