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Oogee Wawa from New York has released their album, titled More Sand Than Money. The band claims to fuse reggae, punk, pop, and hip-hop together and that is exactly what they did in this latest-released album. Hip-hop and rock music is apparent throughout the entire album, and blend well together. A slight skank exists here and there, and so does that pop sound.

Oogee Wawa is known for their outspoken lyrics

For the most part, Oogee Wawa is known for their outspoken lyrics. Not only is it possible for their listeners to relate to the band’s various messages and tales, but one can hear uniqueness in their music. This is apparent in such songs as “Let It Out,” “Damaged Baggage,” “97’ Shit Storm,” and “Badrenath.” Other notable songs include “Pretty,” “Regrets,” and “Late Night.” Their album really lightens up with songs, “Feelin Alive Today” and “Pack The Van.” What an adventure!

For more information, check out their website.

Oogee Wawa “More Sand Than Money”

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