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San Diego-based reggae alternative band Project: Out of Bounds (P.O.B.) prides themselves on pushing past the realm of conventional sound, and into a more 'beyond' definition of modern music. Incorporating electronica into their rhythms has been a major part of the process since their formation in 2007, even going so far as to having a robot as an official band mascot. You've probably seen the P.O.B. bot at some point in your reggae journey and have not even known it – for the band likes to stay subtle, yet scintillating. Their debut self-titled LP gained P.O.B. a big following in 2009, and their 2014 EP Love Tone catapulted the band to new heights. Off that EP is “Your Game”: a song about a So-Cal succubus that evidently burnt the wrong bridge. The track features ominous backup vocals, almost warning the listener of this sad tale the band is unfolding upon their earholes. It's a scary world out there for single men!

Keeping that EP alive until their next release, Project: Out of Bounds premiered the long overdue, yet highly-anticipated video for “Your Game” on 4/20 – an ironic date, considering the song centers around bad vibes. But, it is a lesson worth learning! The video, made by videographer Thomas Persichilli, is a creative ode to the contempt one feels when they realized they're being played. Along the 'played' theme are the musicians literally playing their instruments, a Tinder shoutout, Scrabble, and a fun game of piñata turned stab-the-crap-out-of-the-voodoo-doll… among other playful metaphors. The video showcases a woman – never identified – dancing in the shadows, alluding to having a good time while tormenting the souls of the men she encounters. Yet, P.O.B. won't stand for it: listen, lady, I don't play “your game”. With built-from-scratch animated typography, split screens, psychedelic video overlays, and a whole lot of man beards, this video is entertaining to say the least. 

For more information about Project: Out of Bounds, visit www.projectoutofbounds.com or watch for their picture-friendly dancing robot at most major reggae gatherings.

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/video/p.o.b.-premiers-your-game-video

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