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Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rocker-T has always proffered an affinity for the reggae greats. With dancehall as his anchor, Rocker-T has taken the traditional rootsy sounds of yesteryear and blended them with the electronica new age style of today. The result is simply infectious. Rocker-T's latest project, a 19-track goliath of an LP Return of the Tru Ganjaman, is a perfect exemplification of his expansive ingenuity – even produced out of his own Oakland-based independent recording label, Luvinnit Productions. Rocker-T is one reggae-oriented Renaissance Man, to say the least.

Rocker-T spouts personal ideology throughout his songs

The album is composed of 16 original songs, with three bonus tracks on the digital version, and anyone who likes a danceable yet hard reggae beat will be very pleased with the finished product. Rocker-T spouts personal ideology throughout his songs, with references to his views on weed, music, and the state of affairs in the world today. For instance, the track “Need Some” isn't about how weed should be legalized merely for recreational purposes, but furthermore for the betterment of society. Weed is necessary to remove the curtain from over our eyes, for citizens to finally see the deception they are being subject to. “Smoke, and read up the words of the wise”, thus, it's time to medicate and educate. Another track, “Disgrace”, is all about the ubiquitous disconnect that exists between people in the 21st Century. What is happening to human compassion, to human communication? The world is in “disarray”, and the youth of today don't care. We are so enthralled by our own lives and electronics, that Rocker-T questions why – “why is that they can't unite?… can't stand together?” In dire times, the only way to move forward is to do it as a combined and communal effort. Otherwise, we are just doomed.

Although the subject matter may seem a little discouraging on paper, the songs are anything but! “Disgrace” and “Need Some” are very catchy and playful, and one of the most invigorating tracks is “Yankee and Yardee”, a tribute to Jamaica and its music. Not only does Rocker-T call out all of the reggae legends that the country has birthed, but also the fact that the nation will no longer suffer as a result of the reggae movement – for “music is the lifeline of the country”. With a hip-hoppy lyrical delivery and a chanting chorus, “Yankee and Yardee” is one slammin' track where electronica meets dancehall to start the party.

Rocker-T is currently touring to promote Return of the Tru Ganjaman, now that it is available for sale and download on all major digital outlets. Fans of Rocker-T can catch him at festivals and shows in North America before he embarks on a European stretch of his tour throughout the rest of the year.

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Track listing

  1. Yankee & Yardee
  2. Need Some (feat. Gappy Ranks)
  3. Disgrace (feat. Mykal Rose & Mr Williamz)
  4. Herbalist (feat. Mama-T)
  5. Man Ah Warrior
  6. Chillum (feat. Skip Wicked)
  7. Garden of Goodness (feat. Jah Wave & Ras Indio)
  8. Blazing Everyday (feat. Prezident Brown)
  9. Life Over Death
  10. Tru Ganjaman Megamix
  11. Ganja Slengin (Nickynutz Remix)
  12. Real Singer Smoker (Mt. Analogue Remix)
  13. One Million Matches (Yungg Trip Remix)
  14. Millitant & Real (Ill Text Trap-A-Lot Mafia Remix)
  15. Real Singer Smoker (Phibes Remix)
  16. Real Singer Smoker (Wagon Burner Remix)
  17. One Million Matches (MYLK Remix)
  18. Ganja Slengin (Mt. Analogue & Toadface Remix)
  19. Militant & Real (Illwood Remix)

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Release Date: June 17, 2016 • Copyright: Luvinnitt Productions

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