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The GRAMMY nominated singer, songwriter and global ambassador and humanitarian activist, has combined passionate vocals with soothing rhythmic melodies that paint breathtaking scenes on his latest offering etitled Beats of Zion available March 8th, 2019 on Six Degrees Distribution.

Beats of Zion was born out of my desire to use my diverse global musical influences and exposure to various traditions to paint a multi-cultural musical vision of the world that I perceive. The beginning of the year saw me visit Ethiopia and India. In Ethiopia, I visited Lalibela, witnessing ancient Christian rites and my journeys in India also exposed me to its diverse spiritual culture and the shared similarities I saw to Africa.” He adds, “The title Beats of Zion is inspired by a vision of the drumbeat of awareness and elevation of consciousness; a musical call to arms for my audience to be proactive in this day and age as to each person's responsibility to be an active instrument for positive change.”

Beats of Zion is the drumbeat of war against apathy and re-energizing the forces of love and hope.

In the album’s lead off and title track, “Beats of Zion”, Dawuni puts his best foot forward. It sets the tone for what is to come — an album that punches you in the stomach with intensity, be it through the lyrics, the heaviness and coarseness in Dawuni’s voice as he sings them or the pure energy and clear passion visible in the composition and delivery of the track. It’s clear from the get-go that this album is something different.

The track, “Elevation,” opens and closes with grace, building sounds that beautifully illustrates the meaning of the word “spirituality.” Not only are the lyrics deeply honest, but Dawuni’s delivery evokes such powerful imagery and feeling that it could strictly be poetry.

Rocky passionately states, “We live in a time when the elements of international morality need to be proclaimed as a guiding principle for how we engage and deal with each other, between individuals, between communities and among nations. It is a time for global mobilization for action on challenging socio-political issues like the environment and the refugee crisis. Beats of Zion is the drumbeat of war against apathy and re-energizing the forces of love and hope.” He concludes, “Beats of Zion is the rhythm of change beating from a distance and getting louder to awaken positive consciousness.”

Beats of Zion is more than just an album. It is a sociological observation of recent history and the current state of today’s world. It’s no wonder that CNN named Rocky Dawuni “Africa's Top 10 global stars”

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Track listing

  1. Beats Of Zion
  2. Wickedest Sound
  3. Champion Arise
  4. Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu
  5. Elevation
  6. Freedom Train
  7. Let's Go
  8. Burn One
  9. Modern Man
  10. Mr. Jones
  11. Turn It Up
  12. Sunshine Day
  13. Thank You Lord

Rocky Dawuni “Beats of Zion”

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Original Release Date: March 8, 2019
Release Date: March 8, 2019
Label: Aquarian Records
Copyright: ℗© 2019 Aquarian Records

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