Stephen Marley at LA’s The Roxy Theatre | Top Shelf Reggae

On Tuesday evening of March 26th in The Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood), there was barely room to breathe. The audience was waiting anxiously for eight-time GRAMMY-winner Stephen Marley to begin the show. It was sold out and the crowd was absolutely excited. As soon as the performance started, they were immersed in an astonishing atmosphere.

Stephen Marley and his band filled everyone with inspiring energy…

Stephen Marley, proud son of legendary Bob Marley, and his band emitted vibes of freedom, positivity and love during the whole evening. The audience reciprocated singing every word, harking to the music, shouting in chorus. Standing in the crowd, one could experience something intimate at the same time. 

Stephen Marley and his band filled everyone with inspiring energy performing legendary songs and this evening couldn’t be more magical.

Photography by Julia Kovaleva

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/gallery/stephen-marley-at-las-the-roxy

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