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    1. 7″/12″/single/EP/album released [IMAGE]
    2. youtube channel with hosted video
    3. 100 views on youtube
    4. 10 LIVE/public appearances
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    We believe that many artist at this point of their career need a boost. Our experience shows that after that initial startup achieved most artists become stagnated. Some of them ‘burn’ and no matter how they are good their name is almost erased from the scene.

    We are here to contribute a place for artists to obtain free publicity and grow their fan base. Our network will support anyone world wide together with our sponsors to change the scene. No, we do not want multiply presence on the scene to make it over crowded but to increase presence of the talent. We thought it important for artists to taste the market and communicate with a global audience. So, we introduced a voting system.


    Rules are simple. There is “Like” and “Unlike”.

    A. You must achieve more than 10 “Like’s” in 30 days to stay on board.

    B. Now, this is important you must achieve more than 30¬†“Like’s” in 60 days to be arhived. This will give you a chance to promote yourself permanently on our network and gain as much “Like’s” as your audience will give you. After this stage we will announce what bracket will be set to give you “a future deal”. This means we will push you further more to some contracts, agency deals etc. – all depending on our sponsors – but mostly depending on you the artist and your audience…


    If you have additional needs such as Advertising, Featuring or more please do not hesitate to contact us.¬†We are here “fuh yuh!”

    We are hosting this for ALL , so make this ‘Ting’ go right, OK!

    Peace & Luv