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Tuesday night following an almighty Coachella, 420 and Easter weekend can render a lot of people of out commission, especially in southern California. All that said, San Diego Superorganism fans weren't about the hibernation, rolling into The Music Box in droves to attend the most tripped out band on the scene aside from The Flaming Lips. Sure, Superorganism just performed Coachella two weekends in a row, a feat that rapping opener Simpson recounted in full detail. Apparently, mushrooms were had to Tame Impala and the story that unfolded had everyone in the venue in stitches laughing so hard.

It was rumored the visuals were brand new that night, making it the first Superorganism show of its kind!

Simpson, alongside her trusty emcee side kick DJ Olive, is part female hip hop artist, part unintentional comedian. That girl got jokes! One song, “Switch Lanes”, came with a choreographed dance in which the entire audience obliged. The view from onstage must've been nice since Simpson asked the crowd afterward if she could do it again. Round two was even more entertaining to watch.

Thanking the crowd and exiting the stage, Simpson gave way for Superorganism to close the night down. Techs scurried around the stage, placing tamborines with long streamers cascading to the floor and round glowing orbs beside three backup vocal mics. A large revolving earth orbited endlessly on the screen behind the instruments as concertgoers dispersed for brief beverage refills. It was rumored the visuals were brand new that night, making it the first Superorganism show of its kind! And, the visuals… let's just say acid can't do better.

With mist floating against green lighting, Superorganism members took the stage shrouded in sparkly capes. Lead singer Orono Noguchi came out caped, nonchalantly launching into “SPRORGNSM” (for that's what everybody wants to be). The bass of each track rocked the rafters above with VIP loungers lining the ropes to join the party below. Hands in the air, the crowd freaked and frolicked about, grooving to the psychedelic essence of that signature Superorganism alien trance. Playing their entire debut album and their latest from The Lego Movie, Superorganism blew everyone's mind, ending, naturally, with their “Something For Your M.I.N.D” megahit. Until we vibe again, Superorganism.

Photography by Kristy Rose

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/gallery/superorganism-at-san-diegos-music-box

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