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On Saturday, April 24th, San Diego-based band Tribal Seeds came to the intimate Majestic Ventura Theater in downtown Ventura. Excitement was in the air while arriving at the venue, with a crowd lining the sidewalk to the point that many who passed by were asking what the hype was all about. Well, it’s Tribal Seeds, of course! The Expanders opened the show, and were a perfect compliment to get the good tunes and vibes going early on. It’s obvious that both of these bands love what they do, and in turn, you can feel the appreciation in the audience. The Tribal Seeds boys also sang their new release, “Rude Girl”, which came out to the public the day before. It’s always nice to hear the crowd singing along to a song that was just released! These bands have a loyal following, and gain new fans with every show. If you ever have a chance to catch a show by either of these bands, I highly recommend it! With the good tunes and inspirational lyrics, there was no better way to spend a Saturday evening, or any evening for that matter.

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