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Australian reggae band Black Bird Hum displays their societal views prominently in this world music video premiere for their latest single “Down” off Rebel Sound Records. In a world full of poverty, pollution and intolerance, Bird Bird Hum takes a stand, saying “all this fighting” is bringing them, well, down. Don't be a buzzkill. Life provides a natural high if you allow it, leaving no room for negativity, hatred, bigotry or greed. Don't let politicians dictate the way you're supposed to live. Don't stand for anything that doesn't vibe with you. It's time that citizens around the globe rise up from being repressed, from being rendered politically voiceless. We can make a difference. Now to just stop feeling so down about it all…

Bird Bird Hum takes a stand, saying “all this fighting” is bringing them, well, down.

Juxtaposing imagery of a shouting military Sergeant to an upright baboon is just one example of how the video for “Down” amplifies the track's message from merely a thought to a true call to action. Choose peace over violence and use common sense to fix this mess we've made. Whether you want to be an activist against immigration policies, war, racism, sexism… whatever is killing your buzz, let's tell it to buzz off. Overlaying black and white with color animation, Black Bird Hum metaphorically implies it's better to look on the bright side of life. Plus, all the trippy transitions prompts your mind to relax after thinking about all the stuff bogging you down. Is Black Bird Hum against everything? Probably not. But, when it seems the whole world needs a fix, what else is there to do but meditate and medicate? 

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